Phy – Collection of Formulas

Phy is a collection of physics formulas for the iPhone and the iPod touch. It consists of more than 80 formulas from the topics mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics. In addition Phy contains the most important physics constants and a scientific calculator. With Phy exercises in mechanics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics are no problem anymore.

To get a formula you are searching for onto the screen you just have to navigate through different lists. The lists are categorized to equip you fast with what you are looking for.

Some of the formulas are connected to mini calculators witch calculate the shown property.

The calculator can be excessed from every place in the formula section and helps therefore a lot to get the calculation done fast.

Phy can be bought from the App Store. Enjoy!

Suggestions can be given as a comment to this post.

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13 Responses to Phy – Collection of Formulas

  1. Andy C says:


    I like the program, but will the German language parts be translated into English? There was nothing in the description to say it was in German.



  2. dom says:

    There is an update on the way which should fix this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  3. u111979 says:

    Hi Dominik,

    the physics part is ok for college or maybe undergraduated students. Most special formulas like steady or steadily accellerated movements are available.
    For graduated students nearly all general formulas containing vectors, gradients or integrals like the Maxwell-equations are missing.

    The mathematics part is beyond every discussion but the programm is also called phy 😉

    The chemical elements are ok even if there are missing important properties like isotope distribution, radius of the atoms, electronegativity and radioactivity, I could imagine too a better grphical presentation as this simple list.

    For a free app it would be ok but from a commercial app I expect quite more.

    I hope there will come frequent updates to augment the usability of the app otherwise it has been a waste of money.


  4. dom says:

    Thank you for buying Phy.

    Yes, there are and will be frequent updates. I do not get enough money from the app store to pay the bills. Therefore the updates depend on the amount of spare time.

    So what you are saying is, that there should be more advanced formulas. Ok.

    The graphical presentation of the list of elements was chosen on purpose as physicist normally don’t need the periodic table (at least from my experience); they need only the facts.

    The app costs at the moment 99ct. This is the lowest price possible in the app store. The reason I don’t giving it away for free is, that I had to make the app in my spare time. I had to give Apple 99$ to get the app to the app store. I had to learn Objective C.
    My opinion is that it is worth 99ct. This is less than a coffee to go an at least the calculator should be usable for most customers.

    I still hope that the app is useful for you and that you can see my point.

    Kind regards,

  5. Russ Hess says:

    Are you interested in writing a stand-alone specific application calculator? Auto emissions techs have s very serious need for a specific calculator for determining fuel control for diagnostics of emissions failures. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll supply you the formula. It is in the public domain and is accessible on the web, but many techs don’t have immediate or unrestricted access to computers, but they do possess iPhones and iPods.

    Thanks for your consideration
    —Russ Hess

  6. Tau says:

    The images (formulae) are blurred when viewing on the iPhone 4. 


  7. dom says:

    Hi Russ Hess,

    right now I am busy writing another app. Therefore I am not interested in your offer. Thanks a lot.
    I will write you an Email when I have more time.


  8. dom says:

    Hi Tau,

    thank you for your mail. I have fixed this issue and the update is at apple for review.


  9. Wonderful Job, love the application! I discovered your app on the apple site and Ill be adding it to my directory whenever I post my next updates. You might get a few downloads from it.

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  11. Tejas Belvalkar says:

    Hi dom,
    I purchased your phy app recently and was pretty much satisfied with your app ,as you have compiled almost, sorry every formula that an engineering aspirant might need. Well, there is one point where you could make this app better than the best i.e. giving half life of elements in periodic table and introducing search button . It could make finding formulae way too easier.
    Well, another request could you make a similar app for chemistry? One containing various constants like gas constant ,etc. and one stating reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry.
    Thank you many times for creating such a useful yet inexpensive time.
    Yours sincerly
    Tejas Belvalkar

  12. Jos Aarts says:

    I am using the physics app with pleasure. But like my predecessors I urge the author to use proper English terminology. It is too evident that the texts are literally translated from German and they look awkward.

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